Montauk Hard Label Whiskey

Both our Original and Blueberry Whiskey are crafted with a strong attention to detail and embody the spirit and culture of Montauk

Original Whiskey Solo.png

Original Whiskey

A unique light bodied smooth Whiskey.  It achieves this by the blending of four distillations in a Bourbon style Mash Bill.  The light woody taste of the spirit allows the fruit and spices of the barrel char to subtly come through.  With hints of vanilla on the back end of the Whiskey.  The Mash Bill is made up of 100% yellow sweet corn.  The palate is soft, smooth, and undemanding, creating a wonderful drinking experience.


Blueberry Flavored Whiskey

Our unique take on exploring what a Whiskey can be.  We take our four time distilled bourbon style mash and incorporate a sweet yet subtle infusion of a natural blueberry extract.  It is crisp and refreshing, with a burst of blueberry on the front followed by a smooth finish due to the hints of vanilla at the end.  It finds a perfect balance between sweet and savory. 

BlueBerry Solo Shot.png