A whiskey embodied and emboldened with the spirit of Montauk.
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With many years of experience in the food & beverage industry, three local Montauk natives came together to create a product that was meant to encompass their experience growing up in such a unique place. Whiskey represented just that. Experiencing the unique nature of sweet summers with cold hard winters, Montauk Hard Label with born. In 2013 the first batch of 3 year aged whiskey was put into production. Knowing the tough market that they were getting themselves into, with hundreds of whiskeys worldwide, they knew they had to think outside of the box.  

With their bartending knowledge, Montauk Hard Label’s first flavor was created. The blueberry whiskey was launched alongside the 3-year aged original whiskey in the summer of 2016; both were without a doubt a huge success. The blueberry in particular was a secret weapon for bartenders, it tasted great in just about any cocktail so it made for an exciting spirit to serve



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Today, the three natives are proud to see the growth that has taken place and continue to open arms into not only their community of Montauk, but also the community of Montauk Hard Label. They have gained a loyal following of Montauk “Blueberry Lemonade” enthusiasts, added a peach flavor whisky, and continue to bring on local talent to their team. 

Everyone at Montauk Hard Label believes that each day is reason to celebrate, raise a glass, and “Go Hard”. So please, next time you’re in town don’t be afraid to come find one of us so we share a story over our favorite local whiskey!


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